Designed with Purpose is a PARENT/CHILD event focusing on God’s design of the world and our part in His creation. Each event will be geared toward different age ranges. Register using the link below:


Find the age ranges, dates, and summaries below:

~Pre-1st Grade - Wed, June 22 @ 6PM @ Jester Park Nature Center

~2nd-5th Grade - Wed, June 29 @ 6PM @ Jester Park Nature Center

We will start with a picnic (bring your own) and then get ready for some music, hiking, and lesson. Our lesson will focus on God’s creation of the world and what went wrong. We will focus on seeing us the way God wants us to, not how the fallen world does.

~Middle School - Wed, August 3 @ 6PM @ Beautiful Savior

~High School - Wed, August 10 @ 6PM @ Beautiful Savior

A walking taco bar will be available for supper. The rest of the evening will be filled with Scripture, helpful information, and conversation about the following topics: sex, pornography, same-sex attraction, gender identity, and Sex Education Standards. Kim Weidt will be sending parents more detailed information about this event's content. Make sure she has your information by emailing her at youth@polkcity.church.

Christian education is important to us at Beautiful Savior. We want everyone, including our youth, to know and understand both what we believe and why we believe it.

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Thank you to Papa's Pizza for their continued support of our youth program through can and bottle donations!