The flamingos are back and better than ever!

Order your flock today, or purchase insurance to protect your own yard from 2020's finest flamingo flock.

Shop with Scrip

Scrip is fundraising while you shop®! You buy and receive gift cards at face value from the comfort of your own home, and a portion of your gift card purchase goes to our youth program. This will be an ongoing fundraiser for our youth.

Our Beautiful Savior youth group receives the rebate (percentage is dependent on the store) and goes immediately to our organization when gift cards are purchased (not when they are used).

  1. Here's how:
  2. Click here to register & order online
  3. Submit your order
  4. Give payment to Coordinator
  5. Receive Card
  • or skip above and contact coordinator, Deann Nelson,, with an order or inquiries

When registering, please use code: 34ALAEAA6L326 so we can receive the credit from the gift card.

This is not for Beautiful Savior members only. Everyone can use this to get a gift card quick and easy! Please share with family, friends and co-workers!