Youth Group

Our high school youth group, LYF (Lutheran Youth Fellowship), regularly gets together throughout the school year. We have food, fun, and enjoy lessons about life as a Christian. We make trips to the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter in Ohio and Kentucky, attend the Iowa District West youth gathering, and our National Youth Gathering.

Flocking is coming to an end....but the flamingos aren't done yet :)

All summer long the flamingos have been working hard for Beautiful Savior. Besides all of the fundraising to help us get to the National Youth Gathering, they have also been raising awareness of the church, the youth group and our new website address.

Sadly we are coming to the end of the summer flocking season. Special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries will still be considered throughout the year.

From the nest to the table they are very helpful. The last job for a few of them will be helping with Rally Sunday dinner. We have heard they are very tasty....

Come Join Us!

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High School Youth Group:

Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM

Upcoming Events:

September 4th: Youth Group starts for school year!

October 6th: Hayride @ Jester Park

October 19-20th: Junior High Youth Gathering “Come to the Table” Des Moines

October 27th, 4-6PM: Unhaunted House

November 15-17: High School Youth Gathering “Foundations Prepared” Des Moines